Melissa and Jeff's Christmas Engagement Session

Happy Happy Holidays to you!

I’m wrapping, wrapping, and wrapping. Wrapping up some editing, wrapping presents, and wrapping my head around how I never shared photos from Melissa and Jeff’s engagement session in Maplewood?

The village of Maplewood turns into a charming Christmas village for the holidays, and we were lucky enough to have some snow for our session too. I shot this using both digital and 35mm film. Looking back at these makes me want to wrap up with some carols, a fireplace on the TV and some hot cocoa… but a las, I have a long night of work ahead.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas if you celebrate & Happy Holidays! I hope you have a restful, peaceful end to 2018.


Wooo film (example right above on the left) really makes red pop!


So much beautiful red! So much holiday! Happy Happy!!

Moment in Color Film No. 4 | Contax 645

Sigh! The one that got away.

The Contax 645 that is.

When I purchased the 645 I had other medium format film cameras in my collection, including the Mamiya rz67 pro II, the Pentax 67 and the Hasselblad 500c. I admittedly bit off more than I could chew and didn’t really dedicate the time to learn my way around the Contax. So I played with it for a little bit and quickly sold it.

What a regret!

Below, my favorite Contax 645 images from a birthday shoot.


So nice to reminisce with these! If you’re new around here, I shoot both digital and film. Check out the categories Moment on BW film and Moment in Color Film to see more.

Jockey Hollow

So you may be wondering what's up with all the venue posts! These posts are going onto a page featuring favorite wedding venues-- it's a work in progress but you can see it here. Once it's done it'll be linked on the main menu.

This is very overdue, but I wanted to share a few images from Jockey Hollow in Morristown, NJ. 

Jockey Hollow is one of a kind and perfect for couples looking to buck the trend. The Vail Mansion, yet another Gilded Age beauty, is an architecture lover's dream. Intended to be the home and museum for AT&T's first president, the Vail Mansion was used as a municipal building that was eventually vacated and left without tending.

In 2015 it was lovingly restored to its original beauty by Jockey Hollow Bar and Kitchen. The exterior is stunning (an Italian style palazzo) and the interior wood and marble staircase will take your breath away. It is sincerely one of the most beautiful spots in downtown Morristown.

Not to mention that the food is absolutely exceptional--  I always get the steak at Jockey Hollow because it came highly recommended. In addition, everyone there, from the owner to managers, chefs, and staff are remarkably dedicated to providing guests with the very best dining experience. 

Woo, that was a lot. I hope it goes to show just how much I love it there. These are a sample of wedding, surprise proposal and editorial photos that I have taken at Jockey Hollow. The black & white photos were taken on medium format film. The color photos are digital. Enjoy!