Film Photography Bridal Shoot, 501 Union, Brooklyn


When I first began practicing photography, I learned the craft on film. I mostly shot 35mm 400TX, and loved walking through the streets of NYC taking candids. After a considerable break, I rediscovered my love for shooting film, and began taking photographs of my personal trips and family on my Hasselblad 500c.

Wanting to bring my love for film into my wedding photography practice, I scheduled a wedding shoot with the lovely people at 501 Union in Brooklyn. For this shoot I decided upon 35mm film, Ilford 3200 for Black and White and Portra 800 for Color. 

I really love how subtle yet distinguished the highlights are in BW, especially with delicate and ethereal material of the wedding dress.

The color film absolutely blew me away, too. The model's skin tone was absolutely stunning on Portra. 

After this shoot, I was very determined to integrate film photography into my wedding packages. Film is just magical to me...


Early Resolutions

Once August arrives it means that fall is around the corner, and if fall is around the corner, so is a brand New Year.


I am looking ahead to some of the projects I want to develop, like creating indoor portraits on both digital & film. 

Resolutions have never been my thing, but I feel a draw to set a few personal goals.

If I can meet some of these resolutions, I'll dub 2019 the year of the artist.

  • Brush up on film & development. I hope to sign up for a refresher and possibly become a member at the Gowanus Darkroom.
  • Brush up on and advance my b&w printing skills.

  • Learn Adobe Illustrator (finally), brush up on Indesign, and maybe take some online courses with Lynda or SVA.

  • Develop my writing skills. This is a tough one because I am convinced that I am a horrible writer.

  • Take advantage of opportunities where I can expand my learning of the Arts.

  • Connect with more clients & friends with an appreciation for film photography; explore ways to keep film as a medium alive.